Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well people...I hit another good deal on some crafting delights..I always look at Craigslist at all the things they have ..normally when I see something I might want to purchase... .I call and its gone..Well this one ad I called and the man was leaving for vacation and said he would call me when he got back. I never really thought he would but to my surprise he did!! And I basically bought almost everything he had for literally pennies on the dollar..Apparently his wife had gotten very sick a year ago..and he just decided to get rid of all her crafting things...and I reaped the reward ..Holy cow..and so much stuff!!

I have to say this year so far and its early on in the garage sale season here ...I have found some good deals..I still have to take some pictures of the stuff I have so far so I can post them.. But normally I am not so lucky on all these jackpot finds that I have been finding!!

I am also doing my whole craft room/ studio over...I have been so sick of the total disarray it has been ..always saying I am going to clean it up and never do...well now I am going to..what a project..I am packing almost everything up and I am going to paint and rearrange and make it my "Happy Space" again!! ( a name my nephews gave my room when they were much smaller

Also I am participating in a pin swap over at Scrapping Carolina which I am so looking forward to...I love swaps and waiting to see what everyone else stay tuned for that :)..Plus anyone who really knows me knows I love playing with beads !!!

Well I am off to work now ..Everyone Have a Wonderful Day and thanks for stoppin by.........Hugs to all :)