Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer is almost over .......

With summer coming to an end soon, I am going to start all my projects for the winter...I have all the stuff to make my homemade junk journal/smash books.  I am making those for some very special people for Christmas presents.  Which I believe they will LOVE!!!

I have started working on my Smash book , entering somethings that I have done this summer. ( I will be posting pictures of that)

And I have been working on a jewelry line...which I have had a lot of positive response on. Of course my sister Heather is a huge fan of my jewelry :) 
So she is always very encouraging!!

And finally I will be painting and organizing my craft room/ studio..My sister Jennifer has said she is going to help me with that.  So I am getting pretty excited about that..I have picked out the paint , now I just have to pick out some curtains for my room.

And with all that I have started a 2nd job, working with my brother in law.  I will be doing all his paper work for his business.  The problem is it will be Long hours to start only because there is so much right now but as soon as it gets all in his new computer system it should be fairly easy to do :) and maintain.

So I will be pretty busy!!!

Stay tuned for pictures of my smash book :)

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